Nutritional Fitness
Apr 30 20

Tim Revis


Tim Revis | Athens, GA

I began working with Belldon the beginning of June with a goal of losing forty to forty-five pounds. I have waged periodic battle with my weight for over twenty years during which time I have had trainers and in-house nutritionists in addition to using self-imposed starvation schemes. All of them eventually yielded results but the results came slowly, and they did not last very long. So I began Belldon’s program with hope but also with a healthy dose of skepticism.

After having followed the two-day Load protocol and shifting onto the Rapid Fat Loss phase on a Sunday, I lost about ten pounds the first week. By the end of June, I had gone from 218 into the low to mid 180s. I went on Preservation Phase and my mentor worked to help me coordinate this with some trips I had to make that would involve nothing but dining out in restaurants for about five days. We accomplished this with no weight gain, went back on Rapid Fat Loss and dropped the remaining ten pounds within a week and a half.

I have been on maintenance now for about two months and have had no shifts in weight more than a couple of pounds up or down. My ideal weight has been easy to maintain and my diet is not restrictive – it’s just better organized.

In my opinion, Belldon’s program is perfect. In order to succeed, all a potential participant needs to bring to the table is a commitment to follow directions well. The diet during weight loss does not leave you starving because the quantity is more than adequate, and the results are so immediate and regular that it encourages you to continue each day. You learn new, life-long habits that help you sustain the weight loss. I do not anticipate ever having to fight my weight again. For the past two months, my weight has been stable, and I largely eat and drink the things I would like but with an eye toward their balanced proportions in relationship to one another. It’s a new way of looking at things and it works!